Embrace the maker’s spirit that drives the economy of York County

Our brand identity was developed by identifying four separate points and weaving them together. Those points included defining our target market, the individuals most attracted to our community. Noting where we’re situated geographically. Uncovering what makes us special and how our unique essence benefits people.

Simply put, our brand is our collective identity, expressed in many different ways when people encounter York County. It is the intangible sum of York County’s attributes: our name; our marketing; the way our employees, local businesses, and residents engage with our visitors; our attractions; history; and finally our reputation.

“‘have it made here’ offers something for every community and every organization in York County. The word ‘made’ comes from our maker’s spirit but having it made here offers flexibility in its meaning. Meanings such as ‘history made here’, ‘your future made here’ and ‘memories made here.'”

Laura Gurreri
President, Explore York
How to integrate the York County brand into your business

This brand belongs to every attraction, retailer, organization and entity in the County. We want you to understand it, embrace it and use it. Integration throughout the County is a win-win for all.

Melissa Beaverson
Melissa Beaverson
Director of Destination Marketing
Explore York

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