Marie Fisher holding a product

Nature’s Platter

Handcrafted and aged, wooden statement pieces designed in York, PA with elegance & versatility in mind. Life is too short to be ordinary.

Meet Marie

Growing up in the mountains of Pennsylvania, I spent my life surrounded by the simplicity and beauty of nature. I started my career as an Engineer but have always had a passion for entertaining. In 2018, I started making my own custom boards with wood found in the same beautiful woodlands I enjoyed as a child. Each piece that I make comes from upcycled, repurposed wood. No living tree has ever been cut down to create my products.

“York County is so rich in heritage and culture; to be part of this local business community, to know that my hands are making something distributed nationwide, is so rewarding. I make handcrafted pieces of functional artwork.”

Katie Fisher

Marie Fisher
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64 E. Main Street
finished wood board
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Marie Fisher working
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