Ethan Greer

Taqueria El Camino

Inspired by the Taquerias of Mexico City, Chef Ethan Greer said his mission is to make the best food that he can possibly make. He works with local butchers like Stoney Point Farm Market and Weaver's of Wellsville. York County has a rich culture / a culture still growing into something unique.

Meet Ethan Greer

Watch as Chef Ethan conveys how grateful he is to be able to chase his dreams, crediting his parents as the driving force behind bringing his flavors to the York community.

“York is where I grew up. It’s home. My family is here.” – Ethan Greer

York County has a lot of hard working people. I feel like I fit right in. There is a strong culture of people who create – people who do.

Ethan Greer
Chef / Owner

Taqueria Tacos
Chef Ethan Greer
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